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Tatiana Flores | USA

Tatiana Flores
Art historian, curator, researcher
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Graduated in art history, and holder of a Phd. from Columbia, New York (2003).

Tatiana Flores is fellow of the Jean Charlot Foundation and of the Cisneros Foundation for a year of study at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (2007-2008).

She is recipient of a prize from the Fulbright-García-Robles Foundation that allowed her to do field-based research in Mexico.

Specialized in Latinamerican art, Tatiana Flores is associate professor at the Rutgers Faculty of Newark, New Jersey – while before she was teaching at the Florida State University. She works in the department of Latinamerican, Spanish and Caribbean studies.

She gives classes on Latinamerican art from independences to the Second Wold War, on Latinamerican art since post-war til our days, on art and visual culture in the Caribbean or on Mexican and Chicano art after the Mexican revolution mexicaine until nowadays. 

Tatiana Flores was curator for the following exhibitions :

More is More : Maximalist Tendencies in Recent American Painting at the Florida State University (2007) ; Wrestling with the Image: Caribbean Interventions at the Art Museum of the Americas in Washington,with Christopher Cozier (2011) ; About Change in the HQ of the World Bank in Washington (2011-2012) and Disillusions: Gendered Visions of the Caribbean and its Diasporas at the Middlesex County College Art Gallery of New Jersey and at the Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Art Gallery in New-York (2011-2012).

The articles of Tatiana Flores have been published in the magazines Art Nexus (for whom she also works as an editor), Review: Literature and Arts of the Americas, ReVista: The Harvard Review of Latin America and the Woman’s Art Journal.

She notably wrote the following essays :
– « Murales Estridentes: Tensions and Affinities between Estridentismo and Early Muralism” in Mexican Muralism: Hemispheric Perspectives, under the direction of Alejandro Anreus, Robin A. Greeley and Leonard Folgarait, University of California Press, 2009 ;
– “Culture in Caracas: The New Institutions of Bolivarian Venezuela”, ReVista: Harvard Review of Latin America, 2008.

In June 2012, Caribbean InTransit invited around twenty professionals from the Caribbean art world to the Smithsonian Museum for a symposium on « Biennials and Art Practices of the Caribbean », in which she did participate for the section on « Thematic Inquiries, Art & Programming Techniques ».