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Roberta Stoddart | Jamaïque

Née en 1963 en Jamaïque,
Vit et travaille à Trinidad & Tobago.

Roberta Stoddart is an artist whose paintings have been described as brave, dense, bold, thoroughly executed, and deeply felt. They are not pleasant, pretty paintings. Intense and disturbing, they stimulate questions about our collective prejudices, our psychological spaces, and our notions of belonging. Stoddart has published two books, Seamless Spaces (2000) and The Storyteller (2007). She has produced five solo exhibitions, and has participated in important local, regional, and international group shows. She is the recipient of a Peoples’ Choice prize in France and has exhibited at the Werner Gallery, Berlin, Germany. Her paintings are published in numerous magazines, art catalogues and journals.

“I wish my work to give of itself in a pure and simple way. I am a storyteller who fleshes out what is most important to my heart. My paintings are often symbolic and allegorical, attempting to explore lived experiences of both an autobiographical and social nature. There is a response in my work to the Gothic thread running through our Caribbean histories. Our landscapes are haunted by stories told and untold, and by stories denied.

My painting concerns itself with the potential rewards of metamorphosis. Negative notions regarding difference create conflict and promote isolation and loneliness. The feeling of not belonging is civilisation’s greatest contemporary illness. Our planet grows and evolves through its profound diversity, yet we collectively fail to value each and every living creature. Unable to recognize and fulfil our true potential, our sense of usefulness to our social, cultural, psychological and spiritual development is undermined.

In my work I intimately connect my personal world with aspects of our human family’s psychological and spiritual condition. Situated between tradition and rupture, my art speaks to a paradox both individual and universal: the soul’s longing for transformation and our need for stability and continuity”.

Roberta Stoddart est diplômée du Queensland College of Art de Brisbane, Australie (1985) et du Sydney College of the Arts de Sydney, Australie (1987).

En 1999, elle est lauréate du 1e prix public du 30e Festival International de Peinture de Cagnes-sur-Mer, France.

Roberta Stoddart a participé aux expositions suivantes : Self Consciousness à la Werner Gallery de Berlin, Allemagne (2010) ; Three Painters à la 128 Gallerie de Kingston, Jamaïque (2008) ; In the Flesh (individuelle) au National Museum and Art Gallery de Port of Spain, Trinidad (2007) ; A Suitable Distance, Impressions of Trinidad by five artists à Soft Box Ltd, Trinidad (2006) ; Politicas de la Diferencia (2001-2002) ; Seamless Spaces (individuelle) à Caribbean Contemporary Arts, Trinidad (2000) ou encore Lips, Sticks and Marks and Sparks From Marks, Seven Caribbean Women à The Art Foundry, Barbade et à CCA7, Laventille, Trinidad (1998).

Elle participe aussi à la 3e biennale de la peinture caribéenne au Museo de Arte Moderno de Santo Domingo, République Dominicaine (1996) ou à l’exposition Young Talent de la National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaïque (1995).

Les oeuvres de Roberta Stoddardt sont dans les collections suivantes :

La Bank Of Jamaica (BOJ) Collection ; la National Gallery of Jamaica ; et la Daros Latinamerica Collection.

Les oeuvres de l’artiste

Roberta Stoddart | We’re Not Heavy

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Roberta Stoddart | I Am

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Roberta Stoddart | Tools of the Trade

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Roberta Stoddart | It Must Be A Duppy Or A Gunman

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Roberta Stoddart | Stray Mongrels and White Negroes

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Roberta Stoddart | God’s Bride

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Roberta Stoddart | Madwoman in the Back Room

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Roberta Stoddart | Full Moon Madness

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Roberta Stoddart | Sleepwalkers

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