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Régine Cuzin | France

Régine Cuzin
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Régine Cuzin created in 1993 the association OCEA – Organization and Conception of Artistic Events. From there, she was the originator of two consequent and significant exhibition projects La Route de l’Art sur la Route de l’Esclave (The Route of Art on the Route of Slaves) and the serie of shows Latitudes.

In 2009, she was artistic advisor for the exhibition Kreyol Factory at La Villette, Paris, France, together with Johanna Auguiac-Célénice.

La Route de l’Art sur la Route de l’Esclave (The Route of Art on the Route of Slaves) was a unique and first initiative. This exhibition presented in 1994 at the Saline Royale d’Arc-et-Senans, France, went on a tour around the world: it travelled to the SESC Pompéia in São Paulo, Brazil (1996) ; to the Museo de Arte Moderno of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (1998) ; to the Centre Culturel Fonds Saint-Jacques of Sainte Marie, Guadeloupe (1998) ; to L’Artchipel – Scène Nationale de Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe (1999) and to the Camp de la Transportation of Saint-Laurent du Maroni in French Guyana (1999).

La Route de l’Art sur la Route de l’Esclave consisted in an exhibition of African, Caribbean and French artists on the footpaths of old slave routes. The journey of the show had to follow this road from France, to insular and continental Caribbean, and then to Africa, before getting back to its departure point.  In each new step and stop of the ship leding the journey a new artist had to get included in the selection.

Unfortunately, the boat carrying the artworks on those old slave routes lost the container with the artworks in 2000. Here is the list of the artists involved in this unique initiative : Georges Adéagbo (Benin), Charles Belle (France), Mario Benjamin (Haiti), Bili Bidjocka (Cameroun), Alex Burke (Martinique), Tony Capellán (Dominican Republic), Omar Fall (Sénégal), Marc Latamie (Martinique), John Lie A Fo (Guyana), El Loko (Togo), Kra N’Guessan (Ivory Coast), Rosana Paulino (Brazil), Bruno Pédurand (Guadeloupe), Hervé Télémaque (Haiti) and Robert Radford (Guadeloupe).

European colonial memory and the links and relations between Western world with its colonies is a subject that keeps Régine Cuzin fascinated.

That is why a few years later, she decided to launch a series of annual exhibitions around this theme, and that was achieved through the Latitudes shows. Between 2002 and 2009, Latitudes presented in the Hôtel de Ville of Paris (the town hall) around a hundred artists from the Caribbean, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean and Amazony. The show had 7 editions.

(Be careful, in the following listing only Caribbean artists are included) :

2002, Guadeloupe, Guyane, Martinique, La Réunion with Frantz Absalon (Martinique), Ernest Breleur (Martinique), Rodrigue Glombard (Martinique), Henri Guédon (Martinique), Valérie John (Martinique), Bruno Pédurand (Guadeloupe), Robert Radford (Guadeloupe), Roseman Robinot (Guyane), Philippe Thomarel (Guadeloupe), Thierry Tian-Sio-Po (Guyane) and Marie-Jane Viator (Guadeloupe).

2003, Terres de l’océan indien.

2004, Terres de l’Atlantique with Thierry Alet (Martinique), Ano (Guadeloupe), Hugues Bellechasse (Martinique), Mario Benjamin (Haiti), Jean-François Boclé (Martinique), Maksaens Denis (Haiti), Joëlle Ferly (Guadeloupe), Mario Lewis (Trinidad & Tobago), Marcos Lora Read (Dominican Republic), Andres Montalván (Cuba), Cynthia Phibel (Guadeloupe), Dionne Simpson (Jamaica), Henri Tauliaut (Gaudeloupe) and Hervé Télémaque (Haiti).

2005, Terres du Pacifique.

2006, Terres d’Amazonie with Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc (French Guyana), Jean-Yves Gallard (French Guyana), Roshini Kempadoo (Guyana), Nathalie Leroy-Fiévée (French Guyana), Audry Liseron-Monfils (French Guyana), Marcel Pinas (Suriname) and Thierry Tian-Sio-Po (French Guyana).

2007, Terres du Monde with Mario Benjamin (Haiti), Jean-François Boclé (Martinique), Joëlle Ferly (Guadeloupe), Nathalie Leroy Fiévée (French Guyana), Audry Liseron-Monfils (French Guyana), Mario Lewis (Trinidad & Tobago), Marcos Lora Read (Dominican Republic), Andres Montalván (Cuba), Bruno Pédurand (Guadeloupe) and Marcel Pinas (Suriname).

2009, Guadeloupe, Martinique, La Réunion, Nouvelle-Calédonie, Polynésie Française, Cuba, Panama, République Dominicaine with Duvier del Dago (Cuba), Gilles Elie-dit-Cosaque (Martinique), Jean-Charles Eustache (Guadeloupe), Monica Ferreras (Dominican Republic), David Gumbs (St Martin / Guadeloupe) and Humberto Vélez (Panama).

The Terres d’Amazonie edition was exhibited in the prefecture of French Guyana, in Cayenne (2007).
The Terres du Monde edition was then sent to the Centre culturel Tjibaou of Nouméa, Nouvelle-Calédonie (2008) ; to Cuba in the CDAV, Centro de Artes Visuales, during the 10th Havana’s Biennial (2009) ; to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama (2009) and to the Pavillon de la Ville of Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe (2009).
The edition Latitudes 2009 travelled to the École régionale des beaux-arts of Besançon, France (2009).