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Pierre-Pascal Mérisier, aka Paskö | Haiti

Born in 1974, in Pétion-Ville, Haiti,
Lives and works in Carcassonne, France.
Interview with Pasko by Mireille Pérodin Jérôme, 2009 (FR)

Paskö has a plural training. After studying painting and drawing in the art workshops of the Ecole Sainte Trinité (1994-1996), he started attending the workshop Kay Tiga known for experimenting « artistic rotation », or simultaneity in the pratice of visual arts, in 1997. Then he progessively got trained in linocut, monotype, and in ceramics (with Lissa Jeannot).

In 2006, he is recipient of a grant from the French government to study printmaking in Montpellier.

In 2010, after the earthquake, he realizes a show to sale artworks in benefit of Haiti in the restaurant L’Espace-Temps in Carcassonne, France.

Solo shows by Paskö

Zange masqués at the Galerie Totem-Tabou in Lagrasse, France (2010) ; Paskö, l’infini du même, le même à l’infini at the Ateliers Jérôme of Pétion-Ville, Haiti (2009) ; Vaudou et abolition de l’esclavage at the Maison du Chevalier in Carcassonne, France (2009) ; Paskö at AEKI – Artistes en Kit – in Avignon, France (2007) ; Peintures, Pasko at the Galerie 3F in Paris, France (2006) ; Paskö, œuvres sur papier at the Ateliers Jérôme of Pétion-Ville, Haïti (2004) and Bizango I at the Centre Culturel AfricAmérica in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (2002).

Collective Exhibitions

 Haiti : Kingdom of this World at the 54th Venice Biennial, in Paris, Miami, Martinique and Haiti (2011-2013) ; Imaginaires Croisés at the Ateliers Jérôme of Pétion-Ville, Haiti (2011) ; Saving Grace : A Celebration of Haitian Arts at the gallery Affirmative Arts of New York, USA (2010) ; Paskö, Lhérisson, Killy, Cinéus at the Galerie Monnin of Pétion-Ville, Haiti (2008) ; he participated in the festival Influences Caraïbes in the space Cri du Peuple, Paris, France (2007) ; Accrochage d’été at the Gallery AT6 in Carcassonne, France (2006) ; Méandres de la Mémoire at the TOHU in Montréal, Canada (2006) ; Koulè, couleurs, colores, colors with the Espace Jatraco, the Atelier Ronal Mevs, the Ateliers Jérôme and the Galerie Marassa in Jacmel, Haiti (2006) ; Feux Croisés at the Ateliers Jérôme of Pétion-Ville, Haiti (2005) ; Kafou at the Institut Français of Port-au-Prince, Haiti (2004) ; at the Kunstnernes Hus of Oslo, Norway (2003) ; Quand passent les chevaux at the Galerie Monnin of Pétion-Ville, Haiti (2002) and Aportaciones Cultural Africano at the Centro Cultural Espanol of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2001).


Paskö was invited to the 54th Venice Biennial, in 2011, with Haiti Kingdom of this world, in the first Haitian pavilion haïtien, and in the 5th Jeux de la Francophonie (Games of the Francophonies) held in Niamey, Niger in 2005.


Paskö’s artworks are in the collections of the Spanish Cultural Centre of Santo Domingo (Dominican Rep.) ; Institut Français d’Haïti ; Musée du L.A.C. (Lieu de l’Art Contemporain) of Sigean, France ; American Embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haïti ; or the Foundations AfricAmerica and Culture Création in Port-au-Prince, Haïti.


In 2004, he wons the 3d prize at the “Concours Peinture sur PC”, organized by the Ateliers Jérôme and Compusat, in Haïti.

Artworks by the artist

Pierre-Pascal Mérisier, dit Paskö |

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Pierre-Pascal Mérisier, dit Paskö |

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Pierre-Pascal Mérisier, dit Paskö |

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