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Pascale Monnin | Haiti

Born in 1974, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti,
Lives and works in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
Painting, sculpture, printmaking

Graduated with a “baccalauréat” in arts from the collège (secondary school) Voltaire in Geneva, Switzerland (1993), she studied art restoration with Ramon Rivas in Lausanne, Switzerland (1992).

Pascale Monnin and her husband, the Haitian poet James Noel, are the originators of the artist residency « Passagers des vents » welcoming visual artists and writers in Haiti and are also the creators of the literary magazine Intranqu’îlité.

Her last individual shows include : a presentation at the Galerie 16 of Yverdon, Switzerland (2012) ; at the Galerie Rogue Studio of New York, USA (2011) ; at the Galerie Monnin in Pétion-Ville, Haiti (2011, 2006) ; at the Galerie LecLecTic of Nouméa in Nouvelle-Calédonie (2010) ; at the Galerie La Grange in Rommainmotiers, Switzerland (2009) ; at the Galerie 16 in Yverdon, Switzerland (2005) ; Pacale Monnin & Barbara Cardone at the Gallery Lakaye in Los Angeles, USA (2005) ; Ronald Mevs & Pascale Monnin at the Galerie Monnin in Pétion-Ville, Haiti (2003) and Des chiens et autres avatars at the Galerie Espace Loas in Nice, France (2003).

Regarding her participation to collective exhibitions, her work was showcased in : L’art haïtien vu par nos femmes at the Mupanah in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (2012) ; Haiti : Kingdom of this World at the 54th Venice Biennial, in Paris and Miami (2011) ; Nomad Two Worlds at the Studio Pier 59 of Santa Monica, USA (2011) ; Femmes en mythologie, mythologie de femmes at the Musée du Montparnasse in Paris, France (2010) ; Roots and More at the Afrika Museum of Berg en Dal, The Netherlands (2009) ; Make Art Like Voodoo at the Botschaft von Berlin, Germany (2009) ; the festival Culture’Elle at the Institut Français of Port-au-Prince, Haiti (2008) ; Palabras Vegetales at the Casa de Las Américas in Havana, Cuba (2007) ; Têtes at the Galerie Monnin in Pétion-Ville, Haiti (2004) ; Vaudou at the Abbaye of Daoulas, France (2003) ; at the Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, Norway (2003) and Anges et Démons at the Halle Saint Pierre in Paris, France (2000).

Pascale Monnin was invited to the 54th Venice Biennial, in 2011, with Haiti Kingdom of this world, in the first Haitian pavilion and in the 5th Biennial of Cuenca, Ecuador, in 1995. She also participated in the fête de la sculpture of the Institut Français of Port-au-Prince, Haiti (2006) or in the bicentenary of Haiti at the Hötel Drouot in Paris, France (2004).