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Mónica Ferreras | Dominican Republic

Born in 1965 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic,  

Lives and works at Santo Domingo, D.R.

Drawing, video, installation

Graduated from the Altos de Chavón School of Design, Dominican Republic (1985) and from the Royal Academy of Art  of Den Haag, The Netherlands (1986).

She was artist in residence six months in Madrid, Spain (2009). In 2013 she was the first selected artist in residency of the Davidoff At Initiative to go on residency for 3 months at the Internacional Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) Brooklyn, NY

Her last individual shows include : Mambo a lo Mal Caribe at the Centro Cultural Espanol in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2011) ; Reeducando a Mónica at the Galeria District & Co of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2008) ; Trabajos Recientes at the gallery El Espacio in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2005) ; Cuando sea grande quiero ser at the CRP / Arte Actual of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2003) and Directrices at the Centro Cultural Espanol of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2002).

Regarding her participation to collective exhibitions, her work was showcased in : Latitudes at the Hôtel de Ville (twon hall) of Paris, France (2009) ; Entre ‘Vues – Photographie Contemporaine en Caraïbe at the Fondation Clément in Martinique (2009) ; Visionarios at the Centro ITAU Cultural of São Paulo, Brazil (2008) ; Inside and Out at the IDB Cultural Center in Washington D.C., USA (2008) ; El Juego de la Diferencia at the Museo de Arte of Caguas, Puerto Rico (2007) ; Blanco y Negro at the Galeria District & Co of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2006) ; Miradas de Mujer – Video artistas iberoamericanas at the Centro Cultural Pablo of Cuba (2006) ; ¡Dominicanazo! at the Samson Projects in Boston, USA (2005) ; Island Nations at the RISD Museum of Rhodes Island, USA (2004) and Etter – Arte Contemporáneo de Haití & República Dominicana at the Kunstnermes Hus of Oslo, Norway (2003).

Mónica Ferreras participated in the 3d Week of Iberoamerican Video at the Filmothèque of Andalousia, Spain (2011) ; in the 4th Caribbean Biennial (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2001) ; in the 22d Biennial Eduardo León Jiménez (2010) and in several National Visual Arts Biennials of the Museo de Arte Moderno of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

She was also the curator of the show Tr3 – Contemporaneidad Dominicana at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge, Massachussetts, USA and at the Centro Cultural Dominicano Alemán of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2006).