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Michael J. Walsh | Bermudes

Né en 1976 à St George’s, Bermudes
Vit et travaille à St George’s, Bermudes
Sculpture, installations

The original goal of my work was to discover context. I believe there is an inherent isolation in being human, because we comprehend in terms of contrast. We understand ‘hot’ by discriminating it from ‘cold’. You know who you are, because you are not me, because you are different and separate from everything around you. You are at the center of your world, but you observe it, you are not a part of it.

This sense of isolation drove me to look for what was communal. The challenge intrinsic to uncovering our relationship to the universe is that we cannot see past our individual perspectives. What we think is the real world is actually just our perception of it. We are only capable of knowing what we believe.

Anish Kapoor has described the process of being an artist as recognizing the unknown as a workable reality. Toshikatsu Endo has exposed how language substitutes original experience. True experience lies outside the prescribed. The real world exists outside our description of it.

Art is a unique discipline. It does not lead us to find or trust in significance, but gives us license to assign our own. This liberty is instrumental in counteracting our exclusive, individual, prescribed realities. Art uses poetic distraction to confound our literary minds; giving us the opportunity to approach original experience.

The no-thing (the not described) has become the necessary focus of my work. I am moving away from searching for, or creating context, and moving toward a collaborative perspective. Authoring context is creating illusion. Collaboration is the only antithesis to alienation.

Diplômé en beaux-arts (BFA) de la Mount Allison University, Canada (1998) et en beaux-arts (MFA) de la School of Fine Arts Duncan of Jordanstone, Angleterre (2004).

Expositions individuelles de Michael J. Walsh

Buoyancy à la Elliot Gallery de la Kaleidoscope Art Foundation des Bermudes (2009) et The Weight of Being à l’Onion’s Gallery de la Bermuda Society of Arts d’Hamilton, Bermudes (2007).


Michael J. Walsh participe à la Bermuda Biennial de la Bermuda National Gallery, BNG, en 2010 et en 2012.

Œuvres de l’artiste

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