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Melanie Archer | Trinidad & Tobago

Melanie Archer
Editor, writer, designer
Based in Trinidad & Tobago
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Melanie Archer was managing editor of DAP / Distributed Art Publishers in New York.  After this experience, she kept on working in the edition field and now occupies the position of editor for Robert & Christopher Publishers in Trinidad & Tobago.

Recently, she edited, along with Mariel Brown, the book Pictures from Paradise : A Survey of Contemporary Caribbean Photography, Robert and Christopher Publishers, 224 pages, 2012. This essential compilation gathers the work of 18 Caribbean photographers : Ewan Atkinson, Marvin Bartley, Terry Boddie, Holly Bynoe, James Cooper, Renee Cox, Gerard Gaskin, Abigail Hadeed, Gerard Hanson, Nadia Huggins, Marlon James, Roshini Kempadoo, O’Neil Lawrence, Ebony G. Patterson, Radcliffe Roye, Alex Smailes, Stacey Tyrell, Rodell Warner.

Currently, Melanie Archer is the art director of the Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival.

Melanie Archer published her articles and critics in the magazines PRINT, Caribbean Beat, Caribbean Review of Books (CRB), ARC Magazine and Small Axe :

Life Studies, on the artwork Golden Glance by Rachel Amy Rochford, CRB, 2008
Less is more, on the artwork Meiling : Fashion Designer by Judy Raymond, CRB, 2008
Soul Stories, on the artwork The Storyteller by Roberta Stoddart, CRB, 2008
Wish you were here, a review of the book An Eye for the Tropics: Tourism, Photography, and Framing the Caribbean Picturesque by Krista Thompson, published in 2007, CRB, 2008
En Route… Of Bridges and Barriers, an article on Marlon Darbeau, Small Axe, 2009
Stranger than paradise, on the work of Blue Curry, CRB, 2010
– An article on Marcel Pinas, ARC Magazine, 2011
Turn of the tide, interview / discussion with Holly Bynoe, CRB, 2011

In 2012, she contributes to the catalogue of the exhibition Gardening in the Tropics by Jasmine Thomas-Girvan.