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Mabel Poblet Pujol | Cuba

Born in 1986 in Cienfuegos, Cuba.
Lives and works in Havana, Cuba.
Installation, sculpture, photography, serigraphy

¬My work is based on self-referential experiences of my past life and the impacts that have these memories, which turned into works, determine my present. I allude to intimate acts as well as others that are the result of the relationships that people have with me.

The first series I started working is called Lugar de origen / Place of Origin where I use pictures and real objects that have been involved, somehow, in my life. Memories are one of the resources used by the man in the formation of their identity, so, this series is like a return to those places of childhood. Formally, I reproduce images of the past to construct a sequence of events that typify the present, and they are not necessarily identical to the serial figure. In these portraits and self-portraits I interrelate past referents, perpetuating them in present time. You can also recognize some references of my daily life and my spiritual world.

I am interested in the ability of the mind to violate the laws of physics, and the multidimensional possibility of mental time (as any object, the human mind can also move, diffuse and fragment), that’s why in the Ábacos / Abacus series I use its formal structure and take it out of context, in order to show events, current only in the memory. The abacus has been used for thousands of years in Eastern cultures as a tool for counting and calculating, that’s the reason I link it with time. I use the reiteration to reconstruct events through the recovery of images that have been deleted from the memory because of the course of time. The act of running time becomes one of the protagonists of the work, gathering memories and forgetfulness in the same feeling.

Imagen no palabra / Image no word is an analogy between the represented image and the information that will not be displayed, from the communication experience between persons and the expressive effectiveness of a text or an image. These portraits are made up of letters and texts that have no literary sense, quite on the contrary, they have no connection, it is a kind of nonsense. In many cases we have in mind thoughts and ideas that we can’t put into words, but we could represent with an image.

In the series, Hoy mi voz tiene sonido / Today my voice is sound, there are some in where there can be determined as key elements the self-reference, which has been a distinctive characteristic of my work; the represented body, the blood and the red color, concept of system, all as expression of the inability to communicate experiences and feelings. The body is the main character of every human experience, physical or psychological, that is why I use blood and red color, as conductive thread of all the pieces. The blood has the connotation of purifying liquid, for that reason it becomes a symbolic catalyst for personal experiences. It also means life and death at the same time.

Graduated from the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes San Alejandro, Cuba, with honors (2007) and from the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) of Havana (2012).

In 2008, she participates in the workshop « Arte de Conducta » by renowned Cuban artist Tania Bruguera.

Mabel Poblet is recipient of a grant from the project Havana Cultura for the year 2012.

She is a member of the UNEAC (Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba).

Individual exhibitions by Mabel Poblet Pujol

Reverso at the Centro de Arte Tomas y Valiente in Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain (2013) ; Non-Appearance at the Galería Enlace in Lima, Peru (2013) ; Situación Limite at the Galería Raquel Ponce in Madrid, Spain (2013) ; Hoy mi voz tiene sonido at the Galería Villa Manuela in Havana, Cuba (2012) ; De tus ojos la sal at the Galería Nuno Sacramento in Ílhavo, Portugal (2011) ; Recent Works at the Cuban Art Space. Center for Cuban Studies in New York, USA (2011) ; Inventario at the Fundación Ludwig in Havana, Cuba (2010) ; Un Sueño Real at the Fototeca de Cuba in Havana, Cuba (2009) ; Mirando Adentro at the Cuban Art Space. Center for Cuban Studies in New York, USA (2008) ; Ábacos at the Galería Centro Cultural Cinematográfico ICAIC in Havana, Cuba (2007) ; Works on Paper and Sculpture at the Cuban Art Space. Center for Cuban Studies in New York, USA (2006) and Lugar de Origen at the Galería José A. Díaz Peláez in the Academia San Alejandro in Havana, Cuba (2006).

Collectives exhibitions

Cuba contemporánea, Art de la Grande île des Caraïbes at the Centre Culturel Manoir de Cologny in Geneva, Switzerland (2013) ; After the Void at the Edison House in London, UK (2013) with Ministry of Nomads ; Robando espíritus at the Fototeca de Cuba in Havana, Cuba (2013) ; Daiquirí sin azúcar at the Galería Habana in Havana, Cuba (2012) ; El olor que entra por mi ventana at the Museo del Ron in Havana, Cuba (2012) ; 50 en los 50 at the Galería La Acacia in Havana, Cuba (2011) ; Saber tirar y tirar bien at the Galería Villa Manuela in Havana, Cuba (2011) ; Cuarto de Desahogo at the Galería Mateo Torriente of the UNEAC in Cienfuegos, Cuba (2011) ; Arte Cubano en Daejeon at the Daejeon Museum of Art, South Korea (2011) ; Huella Múltiple at the London Print Studio in London, UK (2011) ; Cuban Women Artists at the Cuban Art Space. Center for Cuban Studies in New York, USA (2010) ; Profecía at the Galería 23 y 12 in Havana, Cuba (2010) ; Mujheroes at the Casa Museo Oswaldo Guayasamín in Havana, Cuba (2010) ; Arte Cubana em Coímbra at the Galería de Arte e Centro de Mutualismo in Coímbra, Portugal (2010) ; A Temporal at the Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales in Havana, Cuba (2009) ; Si una noche de invierno un viajero at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, Cuba (2008) ; Muro de Agua at the Galería Sacramento in Aveiro, Portugal (2007) and La vida en pelota at the Galería Servando in Havana, Cuba (2006).

Biennials, fairs

Mabel Poblet participated in the 9th (2006), 10th (2009) and 11th (2012)Havana Biennial, Cuba or in LimaPhoto, Peru (2012). In 2013, she is invited to the Primera Bienal del Sur in Panama.

Her work has been presented in the fairs Art Fair Seattle, Art Moscow, ArtBo, Houston Fine Art Fair, Feria de Chaco, ARCOmadrid (2013) ; Houston Fine Art Fair USA, Artmonaco, JustMad3 and Art Madrid in Madrid, Spain (2012) ; Arte Lisboa in Portugal, ArtMoscow in Russia or ArtBo in Colombia (2011)…

Uprising Art Gallery presents Mabel Poblet in the Parisian art fairs Slick Art Fair and Art O’Clock in 2013.


Mabel Poblet’s artworks are included in the following public collections: Havana Cultura, Fondation Brownstone in Paris, France and CIFO – Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation in the USA.


Mabel Poblet received an award from jury and from the UNEAC during the Salón Provincial de Artes Plásticas de Cienfuegos, Cuba (2005) ; as well as an award from the Asociación Hermanos Saiz during the 2004 edition of the same salon.

Exclusive Interview of Mabel Poblet

Mabel Poblet answered to our questions in Havana, during the 11th Biennial. The young artist told us more about her career and her use of body and memory – be it individual or familial – in her artworks.

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Artworks by the artist

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