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Krista Thompson | USA

Krista Thompson
Art historian
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Ph.D. in Culture, History, Theory on African Diaspora Art History from the Emory University of Atlanta, USA (2002).

Researcher in art history, Krista Thompson is also associate professor of Caribbean and African contemporary art in the Northwestern University of Evanston, USA ; and spezialises in the African Diaspora’s visual culture.

In 2008, she got a postdoctoral fellowship from the J. Paul Getty Foundation.

In the framework of her interest for photography and “young” cultures, in the USA as well as in the Caribbean, Krista Thompson worked on determining the interpenetration and influences between traditional photography and performances. She wrote a lot on photography in the Bahamas and Jamaica.

Her work is rewarded in 2009 by the David C. Driskell Prize in African American Art from the High Museum of Art of Atlanta for her « original and important contribution to the field of art and African American art history ».

Krista Thompson curated some shows, including – among others :
Developing Blackness: Studio Photographs of “Over the Hill” Nassau in the Independence Era at the NAGB in The Bahamas (2008) ; Visualizing the Unseen: The Counter-Picturesque in Contemporary Bahamian Art at the NAGB in The Bahamas (2006) or  Bahamian Visions: Photographs 1870-1920, still at the NAGB (2002-2003).

She published essays and reviews in magazine such as The Art Bulletin, Representations, African Arts or Small Axe, A Caribbean Journal of Criticism.

She authored An Eye for the Tropics: Tourism, Photography, and Framing the Caribbean Picturesque (2006). Her forthcoming book, due to be published at the Duke University Press, is titled The Visual Economy of Light in African Diasporic Practice.

Her essays were included in the compilation of the catalogue Caribbean : Art at the Crossroads of the World, under the direction of Deborah Cullen and Elvis Fuentes, at the Yale University Press (2012) ; and in the book Curating in the Caribbean, at the Green Box Editions (2012) under the direction of David A. Bailey, Alissandra Cummins, Axel Lapp and Allison Thompson.

The researcher participated in the symposiums : « The Black Jacobins – Barbados/Martinique » (2011) during the Black Diaspora Festival and « Bling and the Aesthetics and Politics of Visibility in the Postcolonial Caribbean » at the Butler University of Indianapolis (2011).