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Jean-Michel André | Martinique FWI

Born in 1976, in Nantes, France,
Lives and works in Martinique.

My work as a photographer lies on the evocation, the poetry of imaginary words. My artistic approach is situated on the verge of what is real and what is abstract by inciting to questioning and daydreaming.

The urban landscape is essential in the artistic work that I have been leading for a few years. Traces of history, absence, void and fullness are recurring themes in my personal series.

Man is sometimes invisible in my work but he is always at the core of my series. I also pay a great deal of attention to the artistic visual of my photographs and I like creating doubt in the audience by offering a contemporary photographic style, often close to painting or drawing.

Jean-Michel André.

Born in Nantes in 1976, Jean-Michel André grew up in Senegal and in Spain, then lived in the UK, in France and in Morocco. Since 2009, he has been living and working in Martinique. The Caribbean became his new homeland and source of inspiration.

Graduated from the Gobelins‘ division of photography, the “School of Image”, in Paris.

In 2011, he received a grant for creation by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication in the framework of the program “Ecritures de lumière” (Light Writings). For his series Dos à la mer (The back to the sea), the DAC Martinique gave him a fellowship in 2010.

Jean-Michel André’s individual shows

Exilés at the Fondation Clément, in Martinique (2012); Dos à la mer at the Galerie André Arsenec of the CMAC – Scène Nationale of Martinique (2011) ; Regard sur le monde at the atrium of the bank BNP Paribas in Paris, France (2011) ; Maroc Epuré at the Little Big Galerie of Paris, France (2010) as well as in the Delacroix gallery in Tanger, Morocco (2009) ; and the exhibition Traces d’histoire at the CDG gallery in Rabat, Morocco (2007).

Collective exhibitions

The Pavement and the beach at the Paradise Row gallery in London, UK (2011) ; Fenêtre Sur at the Art Présent gallery in Paris, France (2010) ; Rencontres at the 6B of Saint-Denis, France (2010) ; a participation with his series Maroc Epuré at the “Off” (fringe festival) of the Rencontres Photographiques d’Arles, France (2010) and last the exhibition Solidarité Haïti at the villa Chanteclerc in Martinique (2010).

In 2011, the book Dialogue by Jean-Michel André was published and edited by BNP Paribas, and was released with essays from the French academician Erik Orsenna.
In 2010, the photographer published the book Maroc Epuré, Ed. Senso Unico, with a preface by Tahar Ben Jelloun, and gets diffused in France, Africa and the UK.

Artworks by the artist

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