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James Cooper | Bermuda

Born in 1965 in Bermuda,
Lives & works in Bermuda

“I am a maker more than I am a taker. I create or stage all of my images. This can range from very subtle re-adjustments of reality to ‘made from scratch’ sculptures.

In the most basic of terms, what I am doing is observing my life , my world , its component parts, and my reaction to it. Then I am rearranging these ‘parts’ to either understand them better or to try and coax another possible ‘meaning’ from them”.

Graduated in landscape architecture from the University of British Columbia, Canada.

Individual exhibitions by James Cooper

Contemporary Conversation at the BNG East in St Georges, Bermuda (2013).

Collective exhibitions

The Nude: Self & Others at the Lexington Art League in Kentucky, USA (2013) ; Casheesh at the Brian Morris Gallery in New York, USA (2012-2013) ; Art Walk in the East in St George, Bermuda (2012) ; Roots & Wings – An International Photography Exhibition at the Parc Culturel Aimé Césaire in Martinique FWI (2012) ; Act 5 in Alice Yard, Trinidad & Tobago (2011) ; Forever Forged, Forever Becoming at the Bargehouse in London, UK (2011) in the framework of the festival Choices – 2011 edition of the AACDD (African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora) Festival ; Reinterpreting the European Show at the Bermuda National Gallery (2011) ; Without Sun at the Galleri Stork in Oslo, Norway (2010) ; Goodbye Turquoise at the galerie LVL3 in Chicago, USA (2010) and a presentation for the Charman Prize of 2010.


James Cooper participates into the BNG Biennial, biennial of the Bermuda National Gallery in 2012, and into the 2d Ghetto Biennale of the Grand’Rue in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with the Fungus Arts Collective and their project Holding it all Together in 2011.

In 2012, he is invited to present his work in the event New Media organized in à Port of Spain by ARC Magazine and the trinidad+tobago film festival.

James Cooper’s photographies and work were recently included in the book Pictures from Paradise – A Survey of Contemporary Caribbean Photography by Robert and Christopher Publishers, April 2012 – an exclusive compilation of the works of 18 Caribbean photographers.

James is part of our selection for the Photo Month 2012

Artworks by the artist

James Cooper |

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James Cooper |

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James Cooper |

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