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Elvia Rosa Castro | Cuba

Elvia Rosa Castro
Curator, art critic
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Graduated in philosophy (1991) and in art history (2000) from the University of Havana. She receives two prizes « Calendario » in the category « Essay » in 1997 ; a grant for creationg from the Foundation Juan Francisco Elso (2000) as well as a grant from the IFA-RAVE Foundation allemande (2007).

Elvia Rosa Castro starts her career as an art critic for magazines such as ArteCubano – where she works as executive editor between 2002 and 2006 ; Revolución y Cultura, El Caimán Barbudo, La Gaceta de Cuba
She now keeps on publishing her reviews and critics on her own blog.

In 2011, she is recipient of the National Prize of Critic in Visual Arts Guy Pérez Cisneros.

For several years, she works in the organizing committee of the SubastaHabana (auction sales for Cuban art). Now, she is professor at the Faculty of Art History of the University of Havana.

Elvia Rosa Castro is mainly an independent curator. Recently, she curated the following shows :

Escapando el paisaje at the CDAV – Centro de Desarrollo de Artes Visuales in Havana, Cuba (2012) for the 11th Havana’s Biennial ; the travelling exhibition Ya Sé Leer (2011-2012) ; Glamour de occidente at the Casa de México of Havana (2009). In 2010, Elvia Rosa Castro is jury for Portugal Arte EDP 10, the 1st Portuguese Biennial, where she is responsible for selecting Cuban artists, along with Juanito Delgado.

Her work as a curator has been rewarded by the 2005 National Prize of Curating.

Elvia Rosa Castro published several books : La conjura de los fieles (1998), El mundo como ilusión y apariencia (1998), Erizando las crines (2001) and El observatorio de Línea. Repasos al arte cubano (2008).