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Dominique Brebion | Martinique

Dominique Brebion
Curator, art critic, cultural advisor
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Dominique Brebion is graduated in Journalism from the Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme of Paris and holds a DEA (postgraduate certificate) in Modern Humanities, with her dissertation Les Armes Miraculeuses d’Aimé Césaire et Les Armes Enchantées de Wifredo Lam or the Dialogue du Scriptural et du Figural.
This dissertation seeks to analyze the correspondence between Aimé Césaire’s poetical discourse and Wifredo Lam’s artistic discourse within the wirttings of Césaire illustrated by Lam.

She has been curator, member of jurys for inter-Caribbean biennials, or even in charge of selecting artists from Martinique for international biennials, but not only, since Dominique Brebion has also published several articles of reference.

Arts advisor to the Regional Cultural Affairs Board of Martinique (French Ministry of Culture) since 1987, Dominique Brebion has always been involved in the Caribbean artistic scene.

She founded the magazine Artheme in 1999, and is amongst the founding members of the Caribbean southern section of the International Association of Art Critics (the AICA – SC, founded in 1998) – for which she became president in 2007.

She is also coordinator of several artists’ residencies in Martinique : Georges Rousse, François Bouillon, Alan Sonfist, Nils Udo, Jean Clareboudt…

Dominique Brebion was member of the jury for the Caribbean and Central American Biennials of Painting and Drawing in Dominican Republic in 1992, 1994 and 1996. She was responsible for selecting French Caribbean artists for the 1st Caribbean Triennial organized by Dominican Republic In 2010.

Dominique Brebionwas also curator for the following exhibitions, biennials or events (most generally she was involved in selecting artists from Martinique) :

Carib Art, travelling exhibition in the Dutch islands, 1992.
– Sao Paulo’s International Biennials, Brazil, 1994 – theme : bursting the frame – and 1996 – theme : dematerializing art.
– National Black Art Festival in Atlanta, USA, 1996.
Carivista, Barbados, 1998.
Migration in the Caribbean Diaspora, University of Central Florida, 2001.
Femmes, formes, foules, CMAC scène nationale de Martinique, 2006.
Métaphores du corps, CMAC scène nationale de Martinique, 2007.
Ecritures photographiques et territoires, CMAC scène nationale de Martinique, 2008.
Atlantide Caraïbe, Fondation Clément, Martinique, 2008.
City State, Liverpool’s International Biennial, 2010.
Vous Etes Ici, Fondation Clément, Martinique, 2010.

Dominique Brebion contributed with an essay to the collective book Curating in the Caribbean : Act locally and think globally, under the direction of Alissandra Cummins, Allison Thompson and Axel Lapp, Ed. The Green Box 2012 ; as well as to 1492-1992, un nouveau regard sur la Caraïbe : Regard sur la création plastique à la Martinique, Créolarts Diffusion, 1992.

Dominique Brebion also published her reviews and articles in the magazines Art Absolument, Arte Sur, Small Axe and Arthème :

Les départements français des Amériques à l’heure du post-tropicalisme, Papeles de Cultura Contemporánea, n°14, 14 décembre 2011.
Etre ou ne pas être caribéen, Art Absolument, Octobre 2011.
Recovering the lost memory, Arte Sur, vol.2, janvier 2010.
Memory and the contemporary visual arts of the francophone Caribbean, Small Axe, n°30, 2009.
L’art actuel de la Martinique, du singulier à l’universel, Art Absolument, n°25, 2008.
Comment la photographie traverse-t-elle quelques pratiques contemporaines de la Martinique ?, Artheme, n°17, 2006.
Scriptural ou figural ?, Artheme, n°14, 2004.
Martinica, un porvenir por construir¸ Artes en Santo Domingo, n°10, 2004.
Signes en dérive, migration et diaspora dans la Caraïbe, Artheme, n° 10, 2002.
Des récurrences thématiques dans l’art contemporain antillais, Portulan, esthétique noire, 2000.