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Celina Nogueras Cuevas | Puerto Rico

Celina Nogueras Cuevas
Cultural projects
Puerto Rico
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“A young entrepreneur with a clear vision, the mission of Celina Nogueras Cuevas is to strengthen the cultural scene through experiences that carry the art, design and architecture to the public. As president of Muuaaa, she is responsible for some of the most prominent cultural events in Puerto Rico.”

Holder of a BA in Art History and Philosophy at the University of Puerto Rico and of a MA in Aesthetics and Visual Arts of the XX Century at the University of Essex, UK.

Celina Nogueras Cuevas seeks to strenghten Puerto Rican visual arts and the cultural stage of her country. She is interested in design and architecture paysagiste, two fields for which she has worked a lot and in which she keeps on getting involved.

She founded Muuaaa, a cultural projects’ incubator, for which she is president and creative director.

Through Muuaaa or independently, Nogueras Cuevas has directed large-scale events such as CIRCA PR, the first art fair in the Caribbean, for which she served as artistic director and Graphopoli, the first urban art biennial in the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in 2008.

Celina is also the artistic director, produces exhibits and coordinates a cultural platform design for the School of Architecture at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, whose principal projects have helped the general public to engage with art, design and education..

Celina Nogueras Cuevas is the director and editor of a crucial book on contemporary Puerto Rican art : FRESCOS, 50 artists under 35, Actar, 2011. This publication should be followed by an exhibition in the years to come.

Her articles and reviews are published in Art Nexus, Art Premium or in the Puerto Rican magazine El Nuevo Día.