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Carlos Garrido Castellano | Spain

Carlos Garrido Castellano
Art critic, scholar, researcher
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Graduated in Art History (2007) and in History (2007) from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Granada, Spain. Carlos Garrido Castellano completed his formation through the completion of postgraduate masters degree on “Archeology and Territory” (2008) and on “Advanced Studies on History of Art” (2009).
He has been awarded an FPU scholarship (Formación del Profesorado Universitario) by the Spanish Ministry of Sciences and Innovation and became assistant professor at the  Department of Art History of the University of Granada, Spain.

In the last three years he has directed the Archaeological Museum of Martos in Jaén, Spain.

Carlos Garrido Castellan’s researches focus on contemporary art and postcolonial studies, especially concerning India and the Caribbean, and also of their Diasporas in the USA. He seeks to understand the historical and political implications of this postcolonial context on art. He met several Caribbean and Indian artists.

His doctorate project, currently in progress, focuses on the study of artistic discourses in the Caribbean and Indian contexts at the end of the Millennium (1990-2010), and also on critical discourses and art politics on the Caribbean area and on an international sphere. His present field of work focuses on intercultural  and postcolonial memories and identities in Contemporary Caribbean Art. He visited a great numbers of institutions to do his research such as the University of the West Indies, the National Gallery of Jamaica and the Edna Manley School of Visual and Performing Arts, in Kingston, Jamaica ; but also the Centro de Arte Eduardo León Jiménes in Dominican Republic ; or the Artocarpe in Guadeloupe.

Carlos Garrido Castellano recently coordinated the International Symposium Viajes y Culturas Diaspóricas.Viajes y migraciones en el Imaginario cultural contemporáneo in 2009.

He also realised a series of interviews with Caribbean artists for a special edition of the French magazine Art Absolument on the Caribbean (2011) and an interview with Veerle Poupeye for the magazine Arte Por Excelencias (2012). He also redacted Luz Severino’s last exhibition catalogue for the Fondation Clément in Martinique (2011-2012).

Carlos Garrido Castellano has coordinated the 14th edition of the magazine Papeles de Cultura Contemporánea, titled Visiones del Post-Trópico (visions from the post-tropic) in 2011. He regularly cooperates with the magazine Arte Por Excelencias.