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Annalee Davis | Barbados

Born in 1963 in St Michael, Barbados,
Lives and works in St George, Barbados
Sculpture, installation, painting

Annalee Davis holds a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, USA (1986) and an MFA from the Mason Gross School of Visual Arts of the Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, USA (1989).

Annalee Davis is the founder and director of the informal network, the Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc., in Barbados and is currently collaborating with Ateliers ’89 in Aruba and the Instituto Buena Bista in Curacao to design an intra-regional satellite programme which contributes to the expanding critical arena in the Caribbean.

She is also a part time tutor at the BFA programme at Barbados Community College.

The recipient of the Bridget Jones Travel Award in 2011, she gave the Guest Lecture at the Society for Caribbean Studies conference at the Liverpool Slavery Museum in the UK.

She is currently co-editing a special issue of the journal of the Association of Caribbean Women Writers and ScholarsMaComère, with a dedicated focus on contemporary women artists.

She was artist in residence at the IBB – Instituto Buena Bista in Curaçao (2011) and in Johannesburg, South Africa (1997). She is an upcoming visiting lecturer at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

She is fellow to the Barbados Investment & Development Corporation (2008) or the Cultural Action Fund Grant of Barbados (2006).

Individual shows by Annalee Davis

Evoking a Caribbean at the Zemicon Gallery, Barbados and at the Art Museum of the Americas in Washington, USA (2003) ; re/routed at the CCA7 (Caribbean Centre Arts) of Laventille, Trinidad & Tobago (2000) and (up)rooted at The Art Foundry of the Four Square Factory in St Philip, Barbados (1997).

Collective exhibitions

Caribbean : Crossroads of the World in New York – 3 museums (2012-2013) ; Vous Êtes Ici at the Fondation Clément in Martinique (2010) ; Close Encounters – Contemporary Art by Caribbean Women at The Art Gallery of Florida, USA (2010) ; Rockstone and Bootheel at the Real Art Ways in Hartford, Connecticut, USA (2009) ; The Road to Many : Towards a Genealogy of Barbadian Art at the Queens Park Gallery, Barbados (2009) ; De Bottom Bound to Drop Out at the Zemicon Gallery, Barbados (2009) ; Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art at the Brooklyn Museum in New York (2007-2008) ; Journey : Emancipation of the Spirit at the Zemicon Gallery, Barbados (2007) ; ACP Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific at the Museo de Arte Moderno of Santo Domingo (2006) ; No Country is an Island – Figures of Freedom in Caribbean (American) Art at the Paul Robeson Gallery in Newark, USA (2006) ; Dedicated to the Island – Three Generations of Women Artists in Barbados at the Zemicon Gallery, Barbados (2006) ; Caribbean Realities II – Roots & Routes at the Museum of the Americas of South Carolina, USA (2003) ; Fresh at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (2003) ; De lo que soy / Of what I am at the Lehman College Art Gallery in New York, USA (2003) ; ARTE di nos e ta at TENT in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2002) ; Big River 2 at the CCA7 (Caribbean Centre Arts) of Laventille, Trinidad & Tobago (2001) ; Mastering the Millennium : Art of the Americas at the Art Museum of the Americas of Washington, USA (2001) ; Identities – Artists of Latin America & the Caribbean at the Passage de Retz in Paris, France (2001) and Caribe – Exclusión, fragmentación y paraíso at the MEIAC in Badajoz, Spain (1998).


Annalee Davis also took part in the first Caribbean Triennial in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2010) ; in the 10th (2009) and 5th (1994) Biennial of Havana, Cuba ; in the 30th Festival International de Peinture de Cagnes-sur-Mer (1998) ; in the 4th Biennial of Cuenca, Ecuador (1994) and in the 22d Biennial of São Paulo, Brazil (1994).

She is invited to participate in Happy islands, Prome Encuentro Bienal arte contemporaneo di Caribe in Aruba (2012-2013) – the first biennial of Aruba.

She was a recipient of the NIFCA Silver Award for her artwork On the Map (National Independence Festival for Creative Arts) in 2008 and the Most Promising Artist Under 27 Years Award and The Award of Excellence in Barbados in 1989.

Artworks by the artist

Annalee Davis | Sweet Island Cookie Cutters – Sweet Fuh So!

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Annalee Davis | Just Beyond My Imagination

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Annalee Davis | Hatchlings – A Requiem

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Annalee Davis | (up) rooted

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