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Amanda Coulson | The Bahamas

Amanda Coulson
Art critic, curator
The Bahamas
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Graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts of the University of New York, Amanda Coulson started her career working in art galeries between the USA and Europe (London, Paris), before setting up in Milan and launching herself in the art criticism.

She has always been committed to enhance the visibility of emerging artists, and especially Caribbean ones.

She is one of the founders of the VOLTA fair in Basel, Switzerland, and VOLTA NY. Since that she became the executive director of the VOLTA fairs.

She was curator for several shows and always dedicated herself to creating exchanges between Caribbean artists and artists proceeding from others regions (as in the exhibition Bahamian-German Funky Nassau – Recovering an Identity in 2006).

Amanda Coulson is, since the end of 2011, director of the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. She appointed Bahamian artist John Cox as Chief curator and now tries to launch a new dynamic in the Bahamian contemporary art market.

Amongst the magazines in which Amanda Coulson published her critics and reviews we find ARTnews, Art Review, Contemporary, Modern Painters, Frieze